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Some professional and personal background information about MONCHITO.

Clients I work for

During 10 years of SEO work, I've optimized a lot of websites, so the list would be quite long. Here's a summary:

  • from local businesses to global corporations;
  • traffic amounts averaged between 1000 and 100.000 daily visitors from search engines;
  • industries I mainly worked for: travel, finance, pharmacy, publishing, comparison, government, B2B, e-commerce;
  • some notable names: Sanoma, Philips, CenterParcs, Achmea, Thomas Cook, Springer.


I'm a top-10 Dutch freelance SEO specialist with a lot of experience. With a background in both programming and writing I can relate to both web developers and copywriters quickly and efficiently. My experience saves you time and helps in efficient decision-making. I've worked in multidisciplinary teams, so have a strong familiarity with other online marketing fields like strategy, analytics, advertising and last but least: conversion optimization.

What others say

Ramon achieved excellent results for NU.nl. His approach is characterized by making a sharp distinction between goals and the necessary investment. By focusing first on quick wins and incrementally implement optimizations we were able to achieve excellent results against minimum investments. His pro-active attitude and deep knowledge about his trade play a big part in my enthusiasm about his work.

Jesse Burkunk - NU.nl
During the Sunparks rebranding and internationalisation (SUNRISE) we had an important SEO result to be achieved. Ramon was our external consultant who helped us in the migration from the old to the new SUNPARKS e-platform without commercial loss. I appreciated Ramon for his result driven approach and extensive SEO expertise. On top of that he was flexible and proactive in our very tight timescale.

Patrice Fleurquin - CenterParcs

Short bio: professional

I started as a web developer, building an optimized CMS (well, I thought it was optimized, how little did I know!), and providing a service to my clients, back in 2001.

At some point however, I decided I wanted to do 'more with websites', and applied for a job with a good search marketing agency (Onetomarket). From 2004 on, I learned real SEO, which is so much more than building a technically good website.

After four years it was time to move on. I wanted to gain first-hand, inside experience how big websites work, so I applied for a job at the biggest publisher in the Netherlands: Sanoma. There I worked for two years. I got to play around with 1 billion visitors a month, 20.000+ domains, 150 different titles. That was fun :)

Fast forward to 2010: I started my own business. I'm a freelance SEO, specializing in big site, and international SEO.

Ramon Eijkemans

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Short bio: personal

I play basketball, and occasionally visit NBA games, whenever I get the chance.

I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands with my wife. Nijmegen is in the east of the Netherlands, and a laidback, old, intelligent city with beautiful surroundings, and good pubs. Even people from Amsterdam understand why I choose to stay there :)

Besides reading up on SEO, analytics, online marketing, project management and web development, I like to read a lot. I studied history and philisophy at the University in Nijmegen. My specialty was 'methodology of history'. My subject was 'using metadata to make archive sources better 'findable' for historians and other researchers' ... In fact, I was doing SEO already.

I still program websites, tools, and other stuff. For kicks & profit. My weapon of choice is usually ExpressionEngine.