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How to Empty the 'Note' fields in your Mac OS X Contacts

If you're serious about cleaning up your / Address Book, you've probably tried several ways to enrich your data, like I did. However, every time you add, import, merge, export, whatever, things into and out of your address book, surplus data is added to your 'Note' fields. Here is an easy way to get rid of ALL of them

Merge multiple .csv files with the Mac OS X

An explanation and quick piece of code that will help you to simply merge large numbers of .csv files (or for that matter: any kind of text files) into one. I used it to merge multiple .csv files with differing filenames into one. Quick & easy.

Keyword research mindmap

I was thinking about a way to easily teach keyword research to beginning SEOs and came up with these four steps. Follow them - loosely - to make sure you have a solid keyword research strategy.

Tool: preview, save, collect feedback, optimize meta texts

What is the best possible meta text to write for a page? A difficult question, and one that might be answered more efficiently if you are able to gather the opinions from multiple people about it. So that's what this tool does: it allows you to write meta texts, save them, and invite other people (publicly or privately) to provide feedback. Choose the best one and rock the SERPs!

Regex & PHP snippets for SEO

Here is a small collection of regular expressions and PHP snippets that may be useful for SEO purposes.

ExpressionEngine site search & Google Analytics

The default ExpressionEngine search engine hashes its queries and outputs it into a nicely formatted URL. So nice, however, that Google Analytics can't deal with it. Or can it?

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