SEO services

Why hire me as your SEO or search strategy specialist? Here are three reasons:

How I can help you

Since you've arrived here, I assume you're looking to know what I have to offer. The services below are my specialities.

  1. Network SEO
    For complex (e.g. multilanguage, multicountry, etc) and large websites and networks.
  2. On the job SEO training
    Has your inhouse SEO specialist already had the standard workshops and conferences? Then let's sit down, and really learn SEO.
  3. SEO second opinion
    If for whatever reason you just need an experts' opinion. Many things in SEO-country are NOT set in stone. So, it helps to have someone else take a look at things and offer an objective, and knowledgable perspective;
  4. Normal SEO
    Need someone to do your SEO, and you simply want it to be *very* good?

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An example SEO project

When I talk to potential clients for the first time, they always want to know: 'how do you work?'. The answer is: it depends. It really does! However, there is a general approach I prefer. I will describe it here, to give you an idea:

Disclaimer: please note that every situation is different. Not all projects are the same, so your situation may require another approach (which we will find, if necessary)!

Project start: low hanging fruits (approx. 1,5 month)

Many, many websites are very badly optimized. Even big ones, that may have had many SEO 'optimizations' before. In my experience, it pays off to momentarily pause strategy sessions, and simply fix broken links, improve navigation and code, meta texts, and other basic stuff. It is often very surprising how many gains can be made with this!

Also, in the time it takes for technicians and copywriters to implement these fixes, there is enough time to take on strategy. While we're thinking about the next steps, the site is already being optimized and starting to improve in the rankings. To see results so quickly works very motivating!

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

Next, take a step back: SEO strategy phase (approx. 2 to 3 months)

Next, we need to take a step back, and think about the role of SEO in the marketing mix. I like to work with customer journeys (look here for more information & resources about them): to map the whole customer journey, and decide where and how SEO can help, and what its relation to other online marketing channels should be. A popular model (though not applicable to all situations!) is the one of McKinsey:

mcKinsey Customer Journey Model & SEO

First, we discuss your customer journey model. Which route do your customers take, can we somehow draw the process into a clear model, and locate touchpoints where interaction between your organization and your customers takes place? We start with known customer journey models, because we don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Next, we start translating it to practical SEO work. For every single phase and for every persona, we answer at least these questions:

  1. What is the information need. Which questions are asked that we need to provide an answer to?
  2. What KPI's, goals, and measurements will be able to tell us if this information need is successfully met?
  3. What kind of content is necessary to achieve this? Are these pages and texts already present or do they need to be created?
  4. If SEO can be helpful in this phase: which (kinds of) keywords should we use on these pages?

Tactical phase: do the work. Optimize! (1 year)

Once the strategy is clear we can start optimizing: we implement measurements and decide how to define success and failure. How will we evaluate and when. And of course, the plans we made are executed ;)

Final phase: repeat!

Never stop optimizing. This work is never done. Never. It could be that momentarily you have other priorities. I understand. But competition never stops, and neither should you.